A non-profit organisation like TolBo could not possibly survive without the goodwill of indispensable sponsors. On this page we would like to take the time to thank our financial helpers. We would like to point out that our work would be much harder without their valuable support.

To visit their respective websites, click on the links below.

Tolbo partner Autimatic


Autimatic matches employers and people with autism. Despite their many talents, this group has trouble finding their way in the job market. Companies, non-profit organisations and governments can call on their services for digital content, administrative support and office automation. This socially responsible outsourcing is an ideal alternative to working with freelancers or more expensive commercial organisations.


Bano Benelux ensures that everyone can shower safely and functionally with a designer adapted bathroom. The bathroom aids are ideal for homes, nursing homes, hospitals, residential care complexes, (small-scale) care hotels, service flats and residences. We started this because many bathrooms in the Netherlands are not safe and cost a lot of money in the long run. This bathroom concept maximises self-reliance, prevents accidents and can save a lot of money in the long run.


Camino offers routes for wheelchair users to walk independently and also organises group walks. The association aims to offer more and more signposted routes (between 5 and 15 kilometres) to make it easier for walkers.

De Genereuzen

De Genereuzen is a movement that aims to help people with and without disabilities live and work together. They promote encounters between people with and without disabilities so that they learn to live together again with respect for each other. Their starting point is the equality of everyone and the common interest.

Eerste Hulp Bij Beperkingen

Do you frequently get in contact with people with intellectual disabilities? Does communication sometimes prove difficult or awkward? Perhaps you do not always know what to expect from them or how best to react? This course has the answer. In this 3 hour training, I will explain what to expect from someone with a mental disability – and perhaps more importantly, what not. Using many practical examples, I will provide you with handy, immediately applicable tips and tricks.


The ergoPrimo is a walker based on a new concept. It offers a number of interesting advantages, both in everyday life and in rehabilitation.


Digitalisation is used in the Goevie! application to create a smart inclusion assistant. The basis is a mega-database full of tools to let as many pupils as possible learn and develop. The application is programmed so cleverly that, on the one hand, tools are automatically deployed in a goal-oriented way and, on the other hand, the automatically generated action plan is a digital cooperation instrument in which all those involved play their part.


Helpper is a licensed sharing economy platform. As budget holders, you use your PVB/PAB to give your loved ones (carer, family member, etc.) compensation for the help they selflessly offer you every day.

Logo Tolbo partner Inclure


Inclure Architects stands for inclusive and high-end architecture that is accessible to everyone, to disabled persons as well as to people without disabilities. We are striving towards optimal accessibility and use of buildings and surroundings without neglecting the aspects of comfort and architectural qualities. Feel free to contact us for specialised advice regarding inclusive architecture and accessibility or for creating your inclusive accessible project. For specialised advice on inclusive architecture and accessibility or for the realisation of your inclusive project, please contact us.


Kapelle-op-den-Bos is committed to helping people with disabilities in terms of transport (MinderMombielenCentrale), parking facilities and accessibility in municipal buildings. In addition, people with disabilities and informal carers can apply for a premium as well as an EDC (European Disability Card).

Logo Tolbo partner KTG Solutions

KTG Solutions

KTG Solutions aims to make Europe accessible, so that people with mobility problems can participate in society unhindered and on equal terms. Our approach is flexible and tailored to your wishes. KTG Solutions is accustomed to finding a solution in a variety of situations and for the most challenging problems. You not only want to keep up appearances by following the rules, but you also want to give a warm welcome to visitors with disabilities.


Luisterpunt is the Flemish public library for people with a reading handicap (blind, partially sighted, physical handicap, aphasia, dyslexia, etc.). Anyone who cannot read ordinary printed books (or has difficulty doing so) can visit Luisterpunt for free Daisy audio books and Braille books. Because everyone can read!


In 2019, Annelies Delmoitié purchased the Amazonas trading agency (hammocks and hanging chairs). She sells hammocks and hanging chairs, which are ideal for patients with back problems. In doing so, she is entering into a partnership with TolBo.


Modem wants everyone with a disability in Flanders to be able to participate fully in society. We do this by making communication possible with aids that support reading, writing, speaking, mailing, etc. You can come to Modem for training or individual advice in the field of assistive communication technology.

Logo Tolbo partner My Add On

My Add On

My Add On develops innovative and trendy products to make crutches, wheelchairs and rollators more comfortable, practical and beautiful.


Neos is a vibrant association of more than 35,000 enterprising and high-spirited seniors, active in 224 local chapters. The programme includes culture, lectures, sports, trips and company outings. At Neos, like-minded people go out together.


Novulo is an expert in building and placing modular care homes. The customised care home features the best care solutions for living as safely and independently as possible. We always go for durable, adapted and easy to place solutions, tailor-made for the resident.

Oak Tree Projects

Special homes for special people. Oak Tree Projects rents out affordable studios in cohousing projects across Flanders. For whom? For anyone who needs a little extra care and support.

Op Trot

At Op Trot, the camper or scooter is a ticket to a great experience where you are at the steering wheel yourself. This in combination with tastings and mystery games on wheels. Experience, relax, taste or play in the Hageland or the wider world.

Paths to Inclusion

The Inclusion Platform is a website that provides information on activities designed to be inclusive and accessible to all people, regardless of their abilities. Our platform promotes universal accessibility by ensuring that information is easily accessible and usable for people with special needs and those who work with them.

Patient Empowerment

Patient empowerment is the process that leads to an equal relationship between care recipient and care provider. This is achieved by the person seeking care, the person providing care, the care organisation and the care system together. The non-profit organisation brings together individuals, patient associations and care organisations and cooperates with various partners.


Pillo Pillo makes it possible for anyone to play games, despite multiple or intellectual disabilities. Using a dead normal pillow as a controller, you can participate in infinite ways, whether you are young, old, healthy or limited. Squeeze, hug, push, hit or press to interact with the game or your fellow players. With our unique games, we encourage movement, train action and reaction skills, excite and activate the player.

Prader-Willi vzw

Prader-Willi Vlaanderen is an association for people with Prader-Willi syndrome, their parents, relatives and carers. Our goals are to assist and support parents and carers, to make our voice heard where necessary, to make the syndrome more widely known and to financially support medical/scientific research.


Punfyre is een vooruitstrevend techbedrijf dat innovatieve, mensvriendelijke oplossingen
ontwikkelt voor de zorgsector. Onze focus ligt op het ondersteunen van zorgverleners en het
verbeteren van de zorgervaring voor patiënten. Met onze producten zoals Routeez en
Amicimi, combineren we technologie en zorg om een positieve impact te maken.


Rajdado is a non-profit organisation from Hoeselt that offers horseback riding for people with disabilities. They have several adapted saddles and a wheelchair carriage.

Logo Tolbo partner Tover


Tover wants to change the way the world looks at people with a cognitive challenge through innovative serious games that amaze and connect. They challenge players to surprise themselves with their abilities. Games for a better life: purposeful play.


Based on its expertise, WeTravel2 has the know-how, experience and local contacts that not only make travelling possible for you as a traveller with a disability, but also ensure you of a warm welcome.


The municipality of Zaventem is committed to accessibility and mobility friendliness. The municipality has opted for a permanent approach and has been awarded the label of accessible municipality by the province of Flemish Brabant.


The website of the non-profit association Zorgarchitect is a matchmaking platform. The aim is to build a bridge between the care sector and care seekers. Membership is free. 


ZorgConnect is an independent network organisation that wants to facilitate patient access to quality home care. They offer the independent home care nurse a care-related and administrative support in order to carry out that qualitative care. The values of passion, caring and integrity are always central to this.


Zorgwijs is a platform that supports people with disabilities in their search for tailored help. You will find the help offer directly accessible, as well as the offer that can be spent with the personal budget. If you are looking for a personal assistant, you can post a vacancy on the website. Personal assistants can also introduce themselves there.